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There are 3 files for download: database, help-file & training manual. The database (usaid_307.mdb) and associated help file (User Manual.chm) should be unzipped and should sit side-by-side in their folder. The printable version of the user manual (Users manual-Module 1.docx) can be placed anywhere.

The initial database password is usaid and the administrator password is admin (both are case sensitive). These can be changed later. Recent versions of Office will give a security warning after the database password has been entered. The method of enabling content is shown below. (This warning can be eliminated later by setting up database folder as a trusted zone).

Please refer to user manual for further instructions on how to use database.

To access the help file click F10 from the opened database. 

The Database Password

When you open the database you will be prompted for a password. Currently the database has a very basic password system to prevent unauthorised users from viewing your data. The initial password is usaid (all small letters) Temporarily Bypassing the Security Warning (Office 2007 Only).

If the following security warning appears:
- Close the logon form by clicking on the red X
- Click the Options button
- Choose Enable this content then click OK

The Logon Screen

You can logon as Administrator or User if the administrator logon is enabled. The initial Administrator password is admin (all small letters). This password should be changed by the Administrator.

OVC Document Downloads

USAID OVC Database v4.0 1-Oct-13 and Help file
USAID OVC Database v4.0 User Manual

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